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Guys please respect women and do not grab them! 1

This is a message to guys “Who didn’t have proper upbringing!”! Halloween/New Year Eve are the worst nights for a woman to go out! I was grabbed by nasty drunk guys at the club! I turned back to slap the guy, but there was an entire nasty group of them! I felt very violated! Didn’t their mothers teach them to treat women nice? Honestly, it is not a cool thing to do! If you are one of them, please stop doing them! Thanks…..

Running into an old date at gas station!

So, yesterday I was at a gas station near me, wearing my hat and and sunglasses. There was a BMW and the man filling up his gas tank. He was also wearing his sunglasses in his business suit. He kept on staring at me in a way like he knew me. As I drove away, he was staring at me all the way until he couldn’t see me anymore. Suddenly I remembered him. He was is a man that we met for one date. What a small world. This has happened to me many times. I run into men or guys that I dated them once […]